Birds of the world, unite!

Though translation and teaching give me much delight, life these days would be unimaginable without my glimpses of feathered visitors to our balcony, and, through all the wonderful technology that is enriching our lives, into the human-avian interface.
In the Lausitz, we can soon go to see what is going on there that will be like this (description in German at

When storks are not here in Europe with us… and hurray, they are including Britain in Europe this year (, the map on the left shows where they go:

and the ospreys have second homes in places like these:








(There are instructions here on following them to Africa and back if I’ve got you interested in migration – )

Did you understand my extra cheer above for the storks in Norfolk? As we are getting near to elections for the European parliament, I hope everybody will reflect on the implications of these wonderful maps in political terms. I don’t think the crow near Bassenthwaite Lake has been greatly inconvenienced… and he, like the ospreys, has to take his chance in a world that’s free for all (birds, at least!). The bird world doesn’t pay for TV advertising to propagate “lies, damned lies and statistics”… birds just seem to live and let live and perhaps die in the attempt. In my opinion, humans should be prepared to do the same. Simplistic, I know, but the osprey sagas I’ve been reading on holiday have brought me back to basics.


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