Monday morning again

…and I’ve been checking I knew the right words for what I used to know as the microprocessors on which most of our cars’ safe functioning relies.  Here, for instance: where it says that the MEMS I’m currently interested in are one type… was wondering if they’d taken over entirely, but apparently as yet only as “enabling technology for acceleration and pressure sensors”. However, when you consider that “MEMSbased (sic) sensor products provide an interface that can sense, process and/or control the surrounding environment” the time will doubtless come when I need some implanted in my brain.

Talking of the environment and my quirky brain… I’ve also done my chicken-check. The ospreys are still quietly keeping their eggs warm, of course. Just now, here, Mrs Goshawk seems to be telling her husband it’s high time for breakfast. And wow, as I write, he has obliged. It’s some other fellow-feathered creature as far as I can see, bigger than sparrow-sized. Do hope it’s not a song thrush… cuckoo? (They were to be heard yesterday!) Vegetarianism not yet on the goshawk evolutionary agenda! There are three fluffy white bloodthirsty carnivores and the egg that didn’t hatch in the nest.

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