A Tuesday with no torture?

Today is the day in the year 2014 when people are asked, especially by Amnesty International, to help get rid of this:

stop torture




If you would be kind enough to read more, here are two addresses (in English):
http://www.amnesty.org.uk/sites/default/files/stop_torture_leaflet_a5_lores_new.pdf and http://www.dw.de/amnesty-torture-is-never-justified/a-17630627 . Readers of German, please go here: http://www.dw.de/amnesty-prangert-weltweite-folter-an/a-17630583
If you want to know why I care so much that the work of Amnesty be supported, there is a short story here:http://www.thueringer-allgemeine.de/web/zgt/leben/detail/-/specific/Die-Geschichte-zweier-Wahl-Thueringer-725931363 .

A fellow-citizen of Ilmenau asked me the other day why I bothered taking part in local politics. “They all decide over our heads”…

Well, we can as individuals make a difference. Rainer and I managed to raise three children together of whom we can be proud, but we had to overcome a state apparatus to do it. Currently we are going through files that reveal that apparatus and if you don’t believe that the ideas Amnesty promotes are necessary, you should look over our shoulders as we read things like “He still answers monosyllabically when interviewed on political questions. He has clearly not learnt his lesson. There can be no question of early release.”

Cheers, my dears, I’ll bring you more news of my birds… and perhaps even bees – next time. But meanwhile please DO something: http://www.amnesty.de/aktuelle-aktionen.

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